Monday, August 23, 2010

Dirt and Worm's cupcakes

There has been a total lack of blogging around here,
and I am totally guilty.

Summer has taken a hold of me!
My husband was taking a summer chemistry class.
The semester was only 6 weeks, so it was 3 nights a week, and very intense.
Now that the class is over, I feel free!!!!

We are trying to cram as much fun into the few weeks of freedom that we have.

Here are the cupcakes that I made for Cupcake Sunday, for my girls at church.
I had some left over gummy worms from our weekend camp out.

I was inspired my the dirt and worms desert.
It is a chocolate cup cake, filled with vanilla cream.
Topped with chocolate buttercream frosting, crushed oreo's and gummy worms.

If you want instructions on how to fill your cupcake, head over to.
Our Best Bites for a little tutorial.

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