Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My latest Cricut obession- T-shirt vinyl

You know I love anything that I can do with my Cricut.

Now there is something new and exciting to get my creative juices flowing.

It you haven't heard of t-shirt vinyl you are missing out.
You cut it out like regular vinyl,
but then you iron it on to your t-shirt,

Check out this video from my favorite place to buy vinyl,
Expressions Vinyl

So much fun!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dirt and Worm's cupcakes

There has been a total lack of blogging around here,
and I am totally guilty.

Summer has taken a hold of me!
My husband was taking a summer chemistry class.
The semester was only 6 weeks, so it was 3 nights a week, and very intense.
Now that the class is over, I feel free!!!!

We are trying to cram as much fun into the few weeks of freedom that we have.

Here are the cupcakes that I made for Cupcake Sunday, for my girls at church.
I had some left over gummy worms from our weekend camp out.

I was inspired my the dirt and worms desert.
It is a chocolate cup cake, filled with vanilla cream.
Topped with chocolate buttercream frosting, crushed oreo's and gummy worms.

If you want instructions on how to fill your cupcake, head over to.
Our Best Bites for a little tutorial.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Craft Room part 1

Hello everyone-
My name is Kami, and I have a problem

My problem started a little over a month ago,
and now it is completely out of control.
I have decided the best way to get it under of control is to talk about it and share it with the world.

So no judging,
I am going to share with you a deep, dark secret.

My craft room is a mess!

Prepare yourself, I am going to show you a picture.

I know, you can't even see the floor.
And isn't the color beautiful?
We have paint to paint it, but I can't even get in there to paint right now.

My biggest problem is that I have no storage and no table,
so everything is in boxes and on the floor.

Here is the closet, it doesn't look too bad right?
Until you look at the floor.

Oh wait, the floor is missing again.

I am going to tackle this room this week!
I am free of some extra responsibilities this week, and I am going to use this time wisely.

I don't want to be 6 months down the road and say,
oh I have a craft room, but I have never used it.

So this is the last time you are going to see this disaster!
Goodbye mess,
Hello floor!

Monday, August 9, 2010


We are all kinds of exciting around here.
We could just throw our hands up and
shout hooray!

Today I opened my own Etsy store!
It is something I have been thinking about for a while,
and I finally got brave and took the plunge.

I posted some onesies and t-shirts that I made, including the Elmo shirt Eli is wearing.
I will be posting more things through out the day.
Head on over and check it out...

Snicklefritz Shoppe

Now drop and give me 20!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Established Sign

Here is another quick and easy vinyl project.

I had wanted one of these signs since we got married,
and since I can now cut vinyl I did it myself.

When I was looking online for tutorials about cutting vinyl I came across a great idea about how to make sure that the lines are straight.

Use the paper that comes in the frame, measure and draw the lines on that paper.
Then you put the paper back in the frame.
When you place the vinyl on the glass just put it on the line.
So easy, and then if you are like me and constantly worry about it being straight,
you know it is already perfect.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swiffer Sweeper Vac

Why didn't anyone tell me this would change my life?

When we moved we got hardwood floors!
I was so excited to not have carpet in the dinning room.
And now that we have hardwood and I see how much food ends up under our table,
I don't want to know what use to end up in our carpet.

But no one ever told me how hard it was to sweep hardwood, and so much of it.

So I have been eying this on the commercials and finally broke down and got one.
$40, and totally worth it!

No more dust pan!
Quick and easy.
I can sweep the kitchen in 30 seconds!

Why didn't anyone tell me that this would save me oodles of time.
And now I can sweep more often, and I wont have to worry about stuff stuck on the bottom of my feet!