Thursday, July 15, 2010

Angel Food Cake

My friend Natalie loves her Angel Food Cake.
I have heard a lot about it, and she promised once I tried it I would never go back to boxed,
she was right!

Super yummy, and delicious with some strawberries!
Check out Natalie's food blog, she has a ton of great recipes.

Angel Food Cake

Note-assemble all the ingredients before beginning, have all the flour and sugar measured and ready to be added before beginning

1 cup cake flour, sifted
¼ cup sugar

Sift flour and sugar together

1 ¾ cup egg whites, room temperature (about 13 eggs)
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp almond flavoring
¾ tsp salt

Beat egg whites until foamy, add cream of tartar one teaspoon at a time. Add vanilla, almond flavoring and salt, and continue beating.

1 ¼ cup sugar

Beat and add 2 Tbs sugar until 1 ¼ cup sugar has been added. Continue beating until stiff. It must hold a peak when beater is lifted.

Fold in flour and sugar mixture. Add half the flour and sugar, fold in. Then add the rest of the flour/sugar and fold in. (Continue to fold until there are no lumps-almost 100 folds, do by hand-no beaters)

Gently put into ungreased angel food cake pan. Put in half the batter and gently remove air bubbles by running a knife through batter. Put in rest of batter and again remove air bubbles.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes on lowest rack of oven. Remove from oven and immediately turn pan upside down. Don’t remove cake from pan until cake is completely cool. It takes about an hour.

Loosen cake around inner and outer edges with a knife. Give cake one hard knock to remove from pan.

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Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Yummy! I've been looking for a cook angel food cake recipe. Can't wait to try this one!