Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FAMILY wall hanging

I actually started this project a few months ago, and like many projects I start,
I never quite finished it.

I am determined to be better at completing projects, not just doing projects.
So no better place to start than something I never finished!

It is hard to believe that this cute sign was once this....

A little too country for my taste, but great potential.
I got it at Goodwill for something like $2.00.

Let me tell you those red apples were a chore to cover up, but I am strong believer that spray paint can fix just about anything.

I painted the underside aqua, and then decided I wanted it red, so I painted over it.
Then I decided to try and see if I could gently sand off the red on the border, so the aqua would peek through.


Then I used my Cricut to cut out "Family" with different coordinating red and aqua papers.
Then I used turquoise vinyl for the saying at the bottom.

I was all done and ready to hang it up when I turned it over and ran into a problem.

The hangers are on the bottom!

That is why I never finished this project.
So today I glued a ribbon to the back so I could finally hang it.

Project complete, finally!
A prefect home about the pantry door.
More aqua and red, I am addicted to that color combination

A special thanks to my cute assistant who was "helping" by turning the lights off and on when I was trying to take pictures.


mle said...

Oh! your sign is so great - just says it all!!
your little helper is too cute too : ) happy tuesday!

Nicole@Whimsy-Lane said...

I'm the exact same way! I have half finished projects all over the house. It drives my hubby crazy! Your sign turned out so cute! Love the red with the different patterned letters.