Thursday, December 11, 2008

Somethings don't turn out the way you plan!

Have you ever made something knowing that it was going to great, followed the directions to a T and when you get the final product, DISASTER! I had one of those experiences this week and unfortunately it killed my confidence for the week. I don't have very many of scary cooking experiences, so when they happen I am always taken by surprise.

We have an "Iron Chef" type party with our neighbors every month. This month our secret ingredient was mint. I was so excited because I was going to make Candy Cane Pie. My mom had made this a few time years ago, and it was super yummy. I whipped it up late in the afternoon before the party, that is when disaster struck. Things just didn't seem to be going good from the start, but I kept pressing forward, hoping it would all come together in the end. Well, it didn't come together and by I got to the end I knew it was not going to work. I scooped my pie filling into the crust, set it aside to cool, and started to cry. Still now I don't know what happened. My fluffy yummy filling was more the consistency of snot, sorry there is no other way to describe it. There is no fixing or covering up something that bad.

My poor husband had to come home to my broken heart and disgusting pie. Soon enough he get me smiling again and he remedied the situation by whipping up some brownies and tossing in Andes mint's chips into it. Thanks Sweetie! Have you ever had a horrible cooking disaster? Did you know where you went wrong, or was it a complete surprise? Let me know. It is good to know that these things happen to the best of us.
The is my my beautiful "snot pie" in all it's glory!

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Sarah said...

I made a key lime pie once... it wasn't "green" enough for me so I put some food coloring in it and it was so nasty looking! It looked like toxic waste! Nobody would eat it. haha Oh well!