Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years Eve! I love the beginning of a new year, there is something so refreshing about a fresh start. I know that you can make resolutions and changes anytime of the year, but what better time then the beginning of a whole new year? I have never been very good at remembering or following through with my resolutions, and I am probably not the only one. This year I am trying to be easy on myself where my resolutions are concerned. I am having a baby in the next few weeks, so it is probably a good idea. This year I am trying to enhance my life by being more consistent with the things that I should do and enjoy doing. To help track my progress I am making a chart to go on the refrigerator. It has a striking resemblance to a chore chart, but really who likes chores, and these are things that I enjoy doing and make my life better. I find it easier to see exactly what I want to do, and have a way of tracking if I have accomplished it on a day to day basis. Just remember that if you slip up and fall of the resolution horse, tomorrow is a new day.

Feel free to print out my resolution chart and fill in your own goals on the left side.

One of my resolutions is to be better about keeping up my blog. The last few weeks have been crazy and I have fallen into a blogging blah. We got snow, and were house bound for a week or so, then Christmas and now New Years. But I love that this blog is a place for me to share the things that I love. So keep coming back, I promise to keep sharing the things that make my life extra special, and a little bit heavenly.

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