Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's for dinner magnets

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes we have a really hard time deciding what to have for dinner. Not really because we both want different things, but mostly because we forget what we like to make.

We go for a while making a few things pretty often, then we get tire of it, put it on the back burner of our menu's and forget about it.

To help solve that problem I came up with some What's for dinner magnets. I typed up all of the dinners that we like and printed them out on card stock. Them I cut them up into strips and attached small pieces of magnet strips to the back.

Now we can put what we are having for diner on it's respective night on our white board calendar. Now all of the dinners that we love are out in the open and easier to remember. Now I am on the hunt to make something cute to hold all of our dinner magnets.

Are you excited for my first giveaway? I am sooo excited and can hardly wait. Do you want a sneak peak, okay you talked me into it. Are you ready............ here it is!

Okay, I couldn't put just one, here is one more!

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea! I cant wait to see what you find to put them in!