Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Frame

Last year at Michael's I saw these very cute Dad Picture frames.
By the time remembered my coupon they were all sold out.
I saw them yesterday and remembered how much I loved them last year.
Then I looked closer and noticed how cheap the frame was.
And they wanted $ 20 for it!

So I decided to make one myself, for way cheaper!
I bought mat board with my coupon, $2.50
It is near the poster board, in 20x30 sheets.
I had the frame, and so much cuter than the one at the store.

Want to make one yourself?
Come along, I'll show you how.

Here is the original frame.
Oh, when we were young and in love!

I took out the mat from the fame and traced it on my piece of mat board.

I cut out my letters with my Cricut and laid them on my mat.
If you don't have a Cricut you could print out the letters and cut them out yourself.

I laid the old mat down on top, since it happened to have 3 spaces, just to make sure the spacing was good.

Then I placed small pieces of painters tape on the back of the letters.

After I places the letters back on I used the ruler to makes sure the letters were straight.

Then trace around the letters with your Exacto/craft knife.
The mat board is fairly hard to cut so after I went around the letters in some places I had to go back and re-cut.
Be careful and go slow around the corners.

Also, you MUST use a craft mat or cardboard under while you cut.
I don't want to be responsible for ruining your kitchen table

Then pop out the pieces like a puzzle.

That's it! So easy.
Now add your favorite pictures.

Just think of all the wonderful words you could do.
And you can because that $2.50 bought you a huge piece of mat board!

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Amanda K said...

What a fun project for Father's Day! I love how it turned out! So darling! Don't you just love the cricut!!