Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fabulous Find: Butter Bell

This fabulous find is something that I have loved for years. I have always wanted one, and I finally got one for my birthday this year. Now, I wonder how I ever lived without my Butter Bell!

A Butter Bell stores butter in a bell that goes in a beautiful dish with water in it, creating an air tight seal around the butter. It keeps butter fresh, delicious and perfectly spredable for up to 30 days without refrigeration. Aside from how practical the Butter Bell is, it is beautiful! My wonderful husband gave me a red Butter Bell to match my kitchen accessories. The Bell's come in all different colors, Christmas and holiday themed and even pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness month. This is a beautiful and extremly usefull gift, remember Christmas is right around the corner.

Butter Bells are a fabulous find, check them out at www.butterbell.com

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Laura Dale said...

I am in LOVE!! I've never heard of a butter bell before but this looks fabulous. I can't wait to get one!