Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I am very excited for Halloween today. Ever since I was little, Halloween has felt like just a "warm up" to a wonderful holiday season. My Mom has always embraced holidays 150%, and that is what has led to my love of them. At my Mom's house you can expect at least 100 trick-or-treaters, usually closer to 200 and sometimes 250. My Mom puts together little goodie bags full of candy and decorates her yard. When I was visiting her a few weeks ago I took some pictures of her yard decorations. I wish I could decorate like this, but I don't really have the room, since we live in an apartment. I am sad to say that we have been so busy that this year we didn't even get pumpkins carved.

Well off I go. Time to get ready for our annual Halloween costume party!

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